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The Lunar Night Talk Art Mosaic

Today I’d love to share our hot sale design with you. The Lunar Night Talk is a very beautiful design. This design is made by our owner designer. She is a young and beautiful girl. Here is the design story. When the moon hung behind the willows, Have an intimate talk with good friends around the […]

Alibaba Elite Partner Event

As the only decorative marble art and design company of Alibaba Elite Partner Event, Qingdao Century Mosaic Import & Export Co. Ltd. is a top-ranking marble mosaic manufacturer in China. Century Mosaic focuses on independent design, has a design team with 22 international top designers, more than 1100 original designs and 265 design patents. And […]

Crystal Glass Mosaic

Crystal glass mosaic is mosaics in various shapes and dimensions, after using the material of flat glass and going through high temperature to form different shapes. In this article, the characteristics, application and regular sizes of crystal glass will be introduced. The characteristics of crystal glass mosaic It can be put that crystal glass mosaic […]

Glorious Blue Marble

New blue marble – Glorious Blue is coming. Glorious Blue is a new Chinese blue marble, it is developed together with Glorious White marble in the same quarry, but in different color selections. As we all know that blue marble is the most popular marble in the market, but at the same time, it is very […]

Latin Grey Hexagon Mosaic

Time for new product recommendation! When I saw this hexagon mosaic at the first time, I just loved it – Latin Grey Hexagon Mosaic. The raw material of Latin Grey is from a very famous quarry, which is located in Wuyuan, Jiangxi. The color shades is mixed by white and gray, which is the most […]

Different Finishes of Travertine

Travertine flooring tiles can be purchased at just about any tile shop and even most home improvement centers. This is not a product that depends on manufacturing brand, since the wholesalers that supply retail outlets buy their stone from the same quarries. More important is the classification of the travertine: Polished: In this classification, the […]

In memory of Stanford Waterjet Mosaic

In memory of Stanford. You must be curious that why this design is connected with Stanford. That’s because our designer’s idol is Jobs, he is familiar with all the products of his including the design of Apple’s headquarters building. He knows that Jobs built this one for memorizing his time on campus. He crafts the […]

Nero Marquina Tiles & Mosaics Collection

What is the trendy background color for a space? One of the popular rules is “Embracing Nature”. These solid professionals said: “A clean white Powdered Sugar brightens a cool landscape of nature’s blues and greens with a tangy Lime Zest, infusing an additional burst of color freshness.” Accordingly, the Black Marble will definitely be in the loop. It has […]

Fantasy of CasaBatlló Waterjet Mosaic

This waterjet mosaic uses Medium Green, Bianco Diamante Onyx & Terrazo. It’s a flexible application of the curves, exquisiteness and vividness. At first sight of this pattern, what hit your mind first? Actually it comes from a great architecture, CasaBatlló, a celebrated designer Antonio Gaudi designed it. His work has triggered the wave of new art in Spain. […]

Elegant and unique, Luxury Marble Room

Unique interior decoration does not just stop at satisfying the functional and aesthetic levels, but also pay more attention to the spiritual level, which will have a positive impact on the lives of customers, and is keen to create and exceed customer expectations of interior design. The most luxurious home art, novel shapes, colors, and […]

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