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Green Decoration Style--Gorgeous Mint Green Mosaic

If there was a color that could cure people, it would be green. Compared to other colors, green mosaics are definitely super popular style in this year. As a “natural oxygen bar", Mint Green can freshen up the bright space, making it vividly and lively. With various patterns and fresh color, Mint Green marble will bring poetry to your life.

Decorating a bathroom with green marble will bring a unique beauty and seductive charm to people. With natural allure, the use of Mint Green mosaic created a center piece in this bathroom.

Let’s see a retro-look application of marble! The combination of White Thassos and Mint Green made a stunning contrast in this striking bathroom!

The green decoration style will freshen up the bright space and bring an ethereal feeling. The space seems to be placed in the green field in spring, immersing people in the eye-protection green.

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