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Introducing Two Exquisite Waterjet Mosaics

If you get ready to take your home decoration to the next level, our creative mosaics will be a good choice. Today, we will bring you two waterjet mosaics: Mondrain Style and Spring Blossoms. These two mosaics will transform your home into a work of art. The picture-perfect look will make your home eye-catching.

Gray, black and beige, three colors are combined in harmony. A semi-circular shape perfectly nestled within an angular square. Various elements exquisitely combined, Mondrain Style Waterjet Mosaic has been designed to optimize the beauty and functionality of the space.

The floral pattern and relaxing colours of Spring Blossoms make it perfect for a variety of uses. The harmonious display of modernity and nature combined together echos us in a warm spring. With this concrete representation of spring, you can spice up your dreaming home. For more needs, you can visit our website and contact us.

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