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Ivory Travertine---A Perfect Element in Home Interior

on November 15, 2022  in herringbone mosaichexagon mosaictravertine tile

Ivory Travertine is versatile to be used in interior and exterior area, being one of elegant tile trends. Keep reading to learn tiles and mosaics about Ivory Travertine.

Featuring light uniform color and excellent texture always gives a feeling of serenity. 

Ivory Travertine Stone Tile Wholesale

 With a wide range of textural style, a warm ivory color palette and durable quality, our travertine tile makes a timeless and trendy addition to any space. Featured here is 4''x 16'' Ivory Travertine tile, elegant look offers a cozier place to unwind in this bathroom.

Ivory Travertine Stone Tile Wholesale

Besides, diverse mosaics are beautifully made. Such as this classic hexagon shape with light ivory color let you fall in love at first sight, pairing well with the fixture around.

Ivory Travertine Stone Tile Wholesale

If you love the travertine look but want something with a little more detail, this herringbone mosaic is a great place to start. It not only makes you feel fresh and warm but provide long-lasting quality and style.

Ivory Travertine Stone Tile Wholesale

Different surface treatments like honed, sandblasted and brushed are available. In addition, the diversity of size lets you flexible to make a lovely choice for the floor or wall. No matter where it’s applied, it must play a vital role in protecting wall or creating an elegant look in any space.

If you’re ready for a wall or floor project, these travertine mosaics and tiles will meet your various needs for its superior quality and endless possibilities.






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