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Stylish Tile Option---Marble Works with Brass

on November 11, 2022  in Brass MosaicWaterjet Marble Mosaic

As you explore dazzling marble tile options for your home or upcoming projects, look no further these marble and brass tiles that make a strong statement.

King of Glory Waterjet Mosaic

Nero Marquina&Statuary White&Brass

Waterjet Marble Mosaic Wholesale

Inspired by the flashing of sword-blade, redial line design with the natural metallic luster of brass provides a sweeping impact with fashion sense. At the same time, noble and classic black can be suitable for multiple styles and different spots to express one’s personality.

Memories of South Waterjet Mosaic

Nero Marquina&Brass

Waterjet Marble Mosaic Wholesale

The inspiration is from the idyllic landscape that a number of towns stand quietly in the south. Our designer selected Nero Marquina as the main background, shining brass to outline the figure of conterminal houses. The effect that blending of black and gold color palette brings as mysterious as the town, also giving a feeling of serenity and tranquility.

Pine Cone Waterjet Mosaic

Bianco Carrara&Brass&Thassos White

Waterjet Marble Mosaic Wholesale

Among the marble mosaic designs, brass is sure to be a stylish element because of its inherent high-end sense and striking gold. Based on lovely pine pattern, use a contrasting touch of white, grey and gold tone to show the mesmerizing appeal and add more vividness.

Flower Reflection Waterjet Mosaic

Statuary White&Nero Marquina&Brass

Waterjet Marble Mosaic Wholesale

Flower pattern plays a vital role in tile design for elevating space. Because of its exquisiteness and beauty, flower mosaic enhances the value in any part of space. This design is based on the mix of black, white and gold color, fashionable and attractive, suitable for both commercial and residential areas.

Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Thassos White&Brass

Waterjet Marble Mosaic Wholesale

If you don’t like complex tile design and want an elegant look, the simple herringbone mosaic is a good option. It will make your home striking and elegant as opposed to the dullness you once knew of.

To avoid monotony in home interiors, these brass and marble mosaics are the perfect additions to bring visual interest.

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