Boundless Field – the impression of home town

Boundless Field – the impression of home town

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“You carry your little baggage

Heading for the far-away place

Looking at the lilac on the other side in the tuyere

Gathering the charming memory in the fields of hometown”

After a few drizzles in early spring, the sky was pure and clear. Looking back and forth, I suddenly thought of the phrase “The eaves are low and the streams are green grass.” The greenness stretches deep and shallow to the door, just like a green jacket that surrounds the house, but it is not strict and solid. The bright spots are scattered on the open space in front of the door. The light and darkness are interlaced with each other, which has a unique elegance.

When the time comes for busy farming, there will be more people in the fields. They all wear straw hats and bend down to take good care of the crops in the land. Occasionally raise your head, bronze face full of hope for the autumn harvest.

In this field, I left a lot of laughter and laughter and many beautiful memories. The impression of it has long been engraved in my heart. When I leave home one day, I can remember the green fields wherever I am.

The inspiration of Boundless Field comes from the charming scenery of the fields in front of the hometown of our designer Lily.

The idea of this design was for flooring tiles, which will be perfectly matching the design of a bathroom, kitchen or commercial project. We use Bianco Carrara as the big field tile and match with Thassos and Bardiglio thin strip and dot. Each sheet will be 12″x12″ and we will have a different layout combination from this design.

Wish this design will bring you back to the best memory of your hometown.

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