The most recommended color combinations for living room decoration are as follows:

  1. Black and white. From ancient times till now, black and white has always been the most classic color combination, and it will never go out of style no matter when. If you have no idea about the main colors of the living room, choose black and white, cause it will never be wrong. Of course, it doesn’t mean only these two colors can be appeared in the living room space, if the transition between black and white is slightly stiff, then use gray to transit, such as gray carpet or curtain.
  2. Red, yellow and white. Red and yellow are bright colors, they can represent people’s mental attitude of enthusiastic and optimistic, giving the guests a new feeling. Using bright yellow to decorate TV background wall, red to decorate the floor, and white to decorate the other walls, this kind of color combination would be very great.
  3. White and purple. Purple is a very romantic color that many people like, but few of them dare to use this color into their living rooms, cause purple living room will appear exaggerate. However, if the combination is reasonable, to design one of the walls or one set of furniture into purple, and use white as base color of the other places, the beauty of purple will stand out.

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