Ethereal Veining Meet Romantic French Pattern

Ethereal Veining Meet Romantic French Pattern

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Ethereal veining meet romantic French pattern to create an advanced courtyard–The French pattern rain clouds marble tiles

Rain Clouds marble, have ethereal winding veined lines and Gray-white tone. Some are like ripples of water, some are like ethereal smoke, and are widely used in places such as the ground and swimming pools. This marble could be processed in a variety of surface treatments, so the style is more varied and it is very slip-resistant. Even in the rain, you can run lightly without pressure. As a natural marble, the hardness of the material ensures the apply for the flooring and a long maintain of good condition. Therefore it is one of the best choices for decoration of the courtyard and swimming pool.

Today, our rain clouds marble tiles meet French pattern! A perfect production for the yard!

What is the french pattern?

The French Pattern is an old-world style pattern used for hundreds of years. It contains four sizes within the pattern, comprising 16 square feet per set. Each set consists of two 16″x24″ pavers, four 16″x16″ pavers,  two  8″x16″ pavers and four 8″x8″ pavers.

Compared to the one-sized pattern, the French pattern brings more fun. Each size of it is independent, however, it may match perfectly with each other to form a harmonious whole look. The gorgeous geometric collage is full of change and ingenuity.

What makes the French Pattern so desirable is the ability to design a beautiful style regardless of the amount of space available. It s obvious when one sees a pool deck designed with a French Pattern, what makes it so special and exotic.

The romantic pattern from France, combined with the rain clouds-gray and ethereal veins, makes it is very unique and attractive. Her beauty must be absolutely in line with your requirements! Samistone recommends it for you here!


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