Feel the Power of Fluid Beauty In the Art waterjet Mosaic

Feel the Power of Fluid Beauty In the Art waterjet Mosaic

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Shuixiu, literally known as water sleeves, refers to a suite of skills in classical Chinese opera to perform various movements with double white-silk sleeves attached to the cuffs of a costume. With years of training and practice, the dancer may perform the water sleeves precisely. Likewise, only by constantly pursuing ingenuity will our waterjet craftsmanship captures the essence of decor. Do you feel the power of fluid beauty in the Water Sleeves art waterjet design?

Mirror blended marble is getting more and more popularity these days. Designers originally use the silver & golden antique mirror to pair with the classic Bianco Carrara, giving the space a different tempo by the first sight. Just as the saying goes: “Go for the shimmer in whatever way you prefer: in rich, deep hues or delicate tints, intricate patterns or square shapes, clear or frosty. Glass tiles and mosaics are clear winners. Dive in.” These thin glass chips have a unique glow because of their fluid shape, which lets light pour in and bounce back, reflecting the changing light of the day or the room lighting.

Century Mosaic has been handcrafting some of the world’s most unique mosaics for over 10 years. The next step is the progression of stone design and product innovation. For example, this marble blended glass mosaic showcases transitional design from a new perspective.

The Water-sleeve design arrests stone and glass accents create a ripple effect in the shape of the ever-popular hexagon, promoting the balance of contemporary and timeless design, whether used in bathrooms or kitchens. It creates graphic focal areas in both hospitality and residential projects, such as a backsplash for a modern bar. The traditional Chinese culture-inspired design shows a fresh outlook on traditional subjects. This pattern is so popular which offers a fluidity that is not typically found in geometric design, affording it an added dose of versatility, adding an extra dose of depth to spaces.


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