A favorite of Marble-Noble Venus Violet Marble

A favorite of Marble-Noble Venus Violet Marble

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A favorite of marble – noble Venus violet marble, white background with purple veins, awakening the nobility breathing or great king manner without trace, like a girl walking along the Tennessee River, elegant with a hint of wit.

You are so pure and natural, after thousands of years of precipitation, and carefully processed by craftsmen, you decorated the romantic world finally.

The white background is unevenly distributed with purple veins which look like waves, bring a feeling of understated luxury and elegant. It has excellent light transmission performance. To use broadly and conveniently, and it is suitable to be used as both backsplash, floor & wall tile in residential and commercial areas. With its embellishment, people enjoy the dazzling scenery in the sunshine. Soft color, rich texture, give space endless imagination.

Tiles, mosaics, and slabs with different sizes and different surfaces are all available. Each piece is carefully selected. In addition, advanced processing technology, favorable price, top quality, consistent color and timely delivery time can be guaranteed 100%.

The space decorated by Venus violet tiles with unique veins is full of agility, fun, and specialty. They come from nature, with natural veins, distinctive and charming addiction. Why not take them away, say goodbye to the monotonous routine, and create your unique space?


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