I would love to recommend a “born in home” material. It’s called Grigio Toscana, a new material. Since its quarry is quite closed to our factory, that’s why we name it “born in home” material.

Its’ price is quite cheap. F&D is also selling now and sold great! Besides, they are developing more mosaic patterns! You can be sure that this material has great potential for your target market!

Shown here is the Grigio Toscana 12×24’’ sandblasted tile, pls kindly check the attachment.

For Sandblasted surface treatment, it can be used not only for interior decoration, but also exterior’s, but thickness varies. And the decoration effect is incredibly pleasing to eyes as photos attached.

Grigio Toscana carries a prestigious sci-fi with unique architecture and intricate decorative style. I think it’s rather worthy to have a try and lead your market’s taste!

Pls feel free to let me know if any interests.

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