Grigio Toscana—Multi Finish 2 Inch Hexagon Mosaic

Grigio Toscana—Multi Finish 2 Inch Hexagon Mosaic

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Hello everyone! How are you doing? Today I’m so happy to present to you our Grigio Toscana multi finish 2” Hexagon mosaic. As we all know,  2” hexagon could be one of the most classic patterns that we use. The idea we coming up with is to create something which can continue the classic but with a little bit special. So here we have given it three different finishes: Bush-hammered & Chiselled & Honed. Mixing surfaces create a unique effect of the mosaic.


The color of Rain Clouds marble have it’s own special but harmony transition of white and gray, you will see how beautiful it would be once you installed it on the wall with white grouted. This Multi-finish Grigio Toscana Marble 2” Hexagon Mosaic is a perfect choice for both residential and commercial using. The classic color combination of white and gray would match with many different styles of decoration. If you are using a white floor, this mosaic could instantly transform your space from ordinary to unique. It can be used in the bathroom or where ever you want to give it a little bit differently.


Do you need the decorative material to build a summer wonderland? Contrasting three different kinds of treatment with natural stone mosaic, marble gives this space an inviting and elegant look.


Custom interior design is always a fabulous way to reflect your personality and have a lot of fun with it. Whether you’d like us to fully spice up your space or just need design consultation, we’d love to work with you! Thank you!



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