Hi everyone, I am so excited to introduce a material to you, our Himalaya marble slab.

It is a marble from China, with a white background color with gray veins, look similar with the famous Statuary White, but only with competitive price. Himalaya marble slab has a high density, it is even harder than Statuary White marble, and the texture is more fine and smooth. The veins of this marble is gray, and the way it goes looks very soft. We can control it while selecting the material for you.

Currently, we can supply the marble tiles and all patterns of mosaics for you in Himalaya Marble.

Because the stone is strong it won’t get chipped easily, so it is suitable for regular mosaics cutting by single or multiple blade machine, also can be cut by moulding machine, like arabesque or penny round, and still with fine edges. So it it a good choice for all kinds of tiles and mosaics, especially for the special irregular patterns.

It is also the best choice for apartment and hotel project!

If you are looking for a good replacement of Statuary White marble, then we would suggest you to bring in the Himalaya Marble. Here we are showing you the Himalaya marble slab, with a thickness of 4/5’’. Both Polished and honed are available, but we can do other finishing too if you needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Samples are available right now!

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