The living room is the place where most families use to entertain guests. The spacious and bright indoor environment will make guests feel comfortable and relaxed. And the floor tiles of the light-colored series can make the environment bright. So the ceramic tiles in light colors are more suitable for decoration of living room, such as white, light beige, etc.

But if the tiles are too bright, they may cause cataracts. And if the brightness of ceramic tile is too high, then its’ reflection coefficient to light will be high. So, if you want to choose a ceramic tile in light color, the honed one may be better.

The color of ceramic tile in bathroom should be chosen according to the whole decorative style. The colors of decorative elements in bathroom should be limited to 3 colors. No matter in bedroom or bathroom, the usage of too many color will lead to a dazzling feeling.

If the overall decoration style is dark color, then you can choose ceramic tiles in similar colors or light colors to match; If the whole decoration style is light color and cool tone, then ceramic tiles in light color and warm tone may be good choices.

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