Natural Marble Art Waterjet Mosaic-Tipsy Hawaii

Natural Marble Art Waterjet Mosaic-Tipsy Hawaii

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Tipsy Hawaii fine detail processing technology to create high-end waterjet products. The inspiration comes from a typical banana leaf in Hawaii. Carrara has always been very popular in the market. White is always the main trend of mosaic. Combine with unique white & long history, Cararra is very popular in European and American markets.

Gold embellishment has gradually become the trend of the market. Our excellent designers have added the embellishment of gold branches to the white leaves to create a different product style, full of noble breath. Get rid of the dull of the single color of the classic marble mosaic, and we fully take the excellent elements of the attractive people of nature and give the dull mosaic products the new vitality and vitality.

Carrara is a very economical marble material, widely used in indoor decoration, floor panels and wall mosaic. Whether it is the living room, kitchen or other typical space, with our oriental white marble plate, glass brick products, and our latest terrazzo series products are very suitable.

The design of banana leaves makes the interior style closer to nature and feels the enthusiasm of summer. Get rid of the monotonous style of simple white and black gray in the room fully relax in this environment and reduce the fatigue of work. You don’t have to travel far away, and you can enjoy the holiday every time you go back home.

Whenever you enter this space, you will be immediately attracted by the sea breeze, waves and big banana leaves of the dreamy island, full of romance everywhere.


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