As my last introduction informed that the arc design is the future, but not all the chips are in arc shape. The regular mosaic designs is also workable for the main market. That is why our designer worked this design out.

This is a regular chevron mosaic design, but using the penny round chips instead of the thin strip chips, and the penny round are in the sizes of 19mm and 12mm. This is a no-joint design, but the different sizes of penny round create some joint between chevron chips. That makes this design more attractive and comfortable.

The materials of this design are gray Terrazzo and Statuary White marble. The gray Terrazzo has some white particles on the surface, looking like the snow falling down the ground. And the Statuary White is a white marble with few gray veins, which looks like a landscape painting. These 2 materials collocation makes this design much interested in the market, and the price is very competitive. So I think this design will be a darling of the market, also for some contractor.

This design is workable for all area, such as for the floor and wall. And I think the bathroom, fitting room, living room and kitchen are all available.

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