Limestone Family—Will you choose Pink Limestone?

This candy-colored limestone products from South India, this natural stone is known for its rustic looks. The thing that adds more royal touch to any decor project with a subtle texture. Carrying various chemical and physical properties, it is a suitable material for industrial construction. The stone can easily cope with freezing temperatures and harsh […]

Why not try One Night in Huaqing Pool Mosaic?

Using lanterns as inspiration, our designer Lillian deformed and redesigned the shape of the lanterns, and finally made this diamond shape. The overall pattern concise and generous and the product is not too monotonous, which is very suitable for various home decoration styles. This product uses waterjet and medallion craftmanship. Patterns with curves are cut […]

Are you curious about Aquarius Art Waterjet Mosaic?

Today I’d love to share with the Aquarius waterjet mosaic. Inspired by the constellation Aquarius, Designer Lillian creates this Aquarius Art Waterjet Mosaic with exquisite European style lace pattern to carry forward the strengths of Aquarius-born: progressive, original, independent, and humanitarian. With the strong desire for freedom and equality for all, Aquarius-born will always strive […]

Will you Indulge in Gypsy Art Mosaic?

New Design sharing Greeting, dear friends. Today I ‘d love to share our beautiful design with you. This waterjet design has a very beautiful name, Indulge in Gypsy. Skirts is swinging along with enthusiastic rhythm of Flamenco, When I step on the way of freedom. Hometown is distant but I am not afraid of wandering. […]

Limestone Family—Will Blue Limestone be your choice?

Stylish and colorful limestone tiles with great finish and appealing hues inherently boost the aesthetics of any surrounding. Pink, blue, and yellow limestone are widely preferred for all domestic and commercial spaces looking sublimed and upgraded. Blue Limestone, natural calibrated hand-cut tumbled. From Rome to Barcelona to western countries, builders like to integrate limestone tiles […]

Wood Light Grain 12×24” Tile

In our own home wall and flooring tile decoration, we always have thousand different options on the material selection from ceramic, marble to wood tile even more. Some people like the texture of natural marble, it can make the whole decoration look more high-end; Some prefer solid wood flooring because it gives warmth to home. […]

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