Brass, A Rising Star in Interior Decoration Industry

Copper is a common element in the nature. And in the past several years, brass has gradually shown up in the interior decoration and been popular with customers. This article will make a full-scale introduction of brass in several different aspects, to guide you to gradually deepen the understanding of brass. Today, we’ll introduce the […]

Get More about Moulding Craftsmanship

Century Mosaic Live is coming as the usual time at 17:00 PM PDT, on Sep 24th. In this live show, we will introduce moulding craftsmanship to you all, it is a craftsmanship that we’ve mentioned for many times, but never really focusing on it. Moulding also can be combined with other craftsmanships, we’ll share 2 […]

Latin Blue Coming to the Live

Century Mosaic Live will be started at 17:00 PM PDT on Sep 22nd. The protagnist for this show is Latin Blue. We’ve introduced white and black marbles respectively earlier, while this time, we want to give you something different and special. Latin Blue is a grey marble, although it is named blue. It can be […]

Know More about Cutting Craftmanship

    Century Mosaic Live Stream is coming again! We’ve talked about water jet craftsmanship in previous live. This time we will introduce 10 products processed with cutting machine to you. Cutting machine provides a processing method that can largely lower the production cost compared with water jet. Yet, the products can be exquisite and […]

Protagonist of this Week-Thassos White

White marbles are so popular in the decoration market, we’ve shared Statuary White and Bianco Carrara marbles, and in the new Century Mosaic Live, we will focus on another white marble, Thassos White. It has a white base, with crystallized particles on the surface, shining with glossy finish. 10 products made of Thassos White and […]

We are going live on instagram

Century Mosaic Live is coming soon at 17:00 PM PDT, Sep 10TH. We will share 10 products manufactured with water jet machine in this Live, they are exquisite and elegant. Water-jet is the most advanced technology for cutting curves. It is safe, environment-friendly and has a high efficiency. We have triaxial and five axial water […]

Star of this Wednesday-Nero Marquina

Century Mosaic Live is coming! We’ve talked about metal and some white marbles in previous lives, our theme for this time is the famous black marble, Nero Marquina. For most people, when we talk about white marbles, many may come into your mind; but when we talk about black marbles, Nero Marquina might be the […]

Watch our Live on Instagram

Diamond shape is a popular mosaic pattern widely used in many designs. In our Live show at 17:00 PM PDT on Sep 3rd, we will introduce 10 designs with diamond shapes to you. Some of the diamond shapes are normal, while others are deformation of this shape, which are all excellent in their own ways. […]

Learn More about Bianco Carrara on Instagram Live

  Bianco Carrara, one of the most popular white marbles in market, can be said a perfect partner for other materials. In the Live at 17:00pm PDT, Sep 2nd, interior decoration advisers from Century Mosaic will show you guys 10 designs. These products are mainly made of Bianco Carrara, and at the same time, combines […]

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