Make a Statement Using 48mm Nero Marquina Square Mosaic

Nero Marquina features striking white veining on a white background. Makes a strong statement on any space where it is installed, especially enhanced when using this lovely Square mosaic. Black has always been a color of elegance and tranquility you can choose. Small pieces make a big difference on any space, whether it’s a bathroom […]

Ready to Add a Unique Element to Wall

Wall decor is one of the key parts in bathrooms and kitchens, but don’t let your imagination stop the usage of marble mosaic. You can also choose this versatile Blue Limestone Finger Mosaic Tile. It’s widely used both in various flat and curved surfaces indoor and outdoor. Raised parts on the surface and line structure […]

Never Go out of Style—Flavor of Tokyo Art Mosaic

There are a variety of marble backsplash ideas including different patterns and materials. If you like the simple style and want to make your space look timeless, you never miss the black and white mosaic tile below. The Flavor of Tokyo Art Mosaic is made of Nero Marquina and Paper Onyx. Two different contrasting marbles […]

Marble Pencil Liner—A Perfect Addition in Interior Design

Classic natural marble features distinctive veining and different hues are always on trend. Apart from some eye-catching marble mosaics, Pencil Liner tile is a key to elevate the space accordingly. *Natural marble&different color and veining *Multiple materials option *Reliable quality&best price *Elegantly add great value to home decor *Wide application, suitable for various wainscot designs […]

A Perfect Element to Decorate Bathroom and Kitchen

Apart from natural stone, glass must be a popular and cost-effective material that’s widely used in interiors. Today, let’s take a look at this Herringbone Glass Mosaic Tile. Inspired by street view of Old Warsaw, Poland. The building with different heights on the street are reflected in the river, the real buildings and reflections are divided […]

Small Pieces Make a Big Difference in Interiors

Statuary White is a premium white marble with a pure white base with few grey veins and can be widely used for any residential and commercial projects. White is always an elegant color palette and most people can choose it as a theme for the interior design. This Statuary White 2’’ Marble Square Mosaic Tile […]

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