Enjoy the Incredible Nightlife in Manhattan

Exquisite and luxurious. That is what Manhattan would make you feel, and so does our Golden Manhattan mosaic. With Stainless Steel lines interspersed in the Nero Marquina, you will think of neon rays penetrating the Manhattan skyline. When the night falls, the incredible nightlife is just warming up.   Now more and more young people […]

Time Hourglass Water Jet Mosaic Collection

Time Hourglass mosaic is a very unique design. Streamlines could enhance the graphic sense of your space. In order to highlight its pattern, the color matching uses relatively elegant colors which will not make this product appear too complicated. Today we will give you a detailed introduction to its three colorways. The first colorway is […]

Bathroom Tile & Mosaic Collection

Cultivating the ideal bathroom is on many people’s to do list. The bathroom is a sacred space where we decompress. So today’s collection aims at turning your bathroom into a sanctuary and providing the best bath experience. Many people will regard white marble tile as their first option. This fresh and elegant tile offers you a […]

Do You Want to Know More about Calacatta Gold Tiles&Mosaics?

What is the trendy background color for a space? One of the popular rules is “Embracing Nature”. A professional once said: “A clean white Powdered Sugar brightens a cool landscape of nature’s blues and greens with a tangy Lime Zest infusing an additional burst of color freshness.” Accordingly, Calacatta Gold marble is definitely your best choice. It […]

Will this Stunning Aroma of Hereke Royalty Waterjet Mosaic be Your Choice?

Dear my friends, today I’d like to share one stunning waterjet mosaic, Aroma of Hereke Royalty. This beautiful design was inspired by Hereke carpets, which is very famous in Turkey and even around the world. The designer transformed the classic pattern of the carpet to achieve a design presents simple line and fresh hues. Its thickness is 10mm, […]

Come Meet Our Fascinating Design Gallery

This stunning design is inspired by perspective gallery, so the name of this product is gallery. The large area of Nero Marquina is to represent the near end of the corridor, and a smaller Rainbow Glass is to represent the far end, bringing you a lifelike visual experience. This product has rich colors and is suitable […]

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