Know More about the Applications of Natural Marbles

Marble has been welcomed by homeowners and interior designers from the globe these years. Gradually, it also becomes an indispensable element as adornments with the fashion for home decoration and architecture. Unique texture and veining also displays an elegant makeover that can dramatically change the look of your any features walls and flooring. I believe […]

Simple Match Creates Stunning Visual Effect

Grigio Toscana 2” Hexagon Mosaic is welcomed these days. Couples of clients give their positive feedbacks on this design. Why are they so popular? To begin with, the adoption of material and pattern is more outstanding. Grigio Toscana with distinctive hue and irregular veining plays an important role in the whole design. Combined pleasing shades […]

What’s the Magic of this Honed Marble Tile?

Every marble exposes their own unique charm and character. Applying them to space is certain to enhance the sense of life level. As a result of the difference in living space, various marbles can be cut into different sizes to work well. Today, the requirement of tiles is increasingly rising. I believe you will be […]

Have You Noticed the Marble with Blue Palette?

As we all know, there are all sorts of marble materials in the stone market. There is no denying that rich marbles have become one of favorite materials among designers because of their unique veining and tone. As a matter of fact, it plays an important role in improving the space atmosphere, which is why […]

A New Attempt: Carrara Matches Silver Stainless Steel

Greet this fresh design and create a cozy and elegant space atmosphere. Unlike some mosaics which use a single marble material, this design includes Silver Stainless steel as an ornament. It provides more surprise in visual effect. Carrara perfectly matches Silver Stainless Steel. The neat arrangement and fresh white color definitely make the space look […]

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