Dazzling Night At Sydney Mosaic

Today I’d like to share our Dazzling Night at Sydney mosaic collection. It’s inspired by the look of a creative hexagon building in Sydney, showing the pure charm of minimalist design and classic color. We can provide various colorways, such as marble mixed brass or stainless steel, and among them, the most attractive one is the White thassos, […]

Century Mosaic Fascination of Persia Art Medallion

Have you ever considering using marble to create Persia “carbenet”? Let’s see the magic of Medallion craftsmanship! As you see, it is an enchanting Medallion Mosaic. In ancient Persian mythology, fire carried the faith of Persian. The crowd gathering around shimmering candle light to dream about the future. Inspired by historic Persian carpet, designer pays tribute to that mysterious and […]

New Chevron Design

This is a new design from 2020.11.02, the theme is innovation. As you can see, this design is an innovation from regular chevron design. White grout is the most popular in the market, and it can be used for all mosaic designs, but it is not impressive enough. The material we used for this design is […]

Bianco Carrara Hexagon Mosaic

Bianco Carrara marble 2″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile is part of an exclusive natural stone marble collections. Bianco Carrara is a matching collection of premium marble mosaics, field tiles and accessories. The Carrara marble collection places emphasis on quality, selection and price.  According to our decades of natural stone selecting experience, we select blocks from centuries-old European quarries, to create the perfect light gray […]

Grigio Toscana Grey Marble

The texture of Grigio Toscana grey marble is smooth, and the gray & white colors on the stone are illusory and light. The stone surface on the white background has a sinuous gray pattern, which is like a smog and a silky sky. It is also like a looming landscape painting. As a paving stone, the hardness of […]

Water Sleeves Waterjet Mosaic

Shuixiu, literally known as water sleeves, refers to a suit of skills in classical Chinese opera to perform various movements with double white-silk sleeves attached to the cuffs of a costume. With years of training and practice, the dancer may perform the water sleeves precisely. Likewise, only by constantly pursuing ingenuity will our waterjet craftsmanship […]

The Cycle of Fashion Stone——Terrazzo

Fashion always returns. Terrazzo was considered to be old-fashioned before, now has reappeared in the world. But in recent years, its extremely beautiful appearance has lead the market trend. Perfectly interpreting what is “Appearance is the justice”. It turns out to be some style that never goes out of fashion. Terrazzo is composed of natural raw materials such as marble, granite, crystals, and […]

Knot Marble Mosaic

Very happy to share one of our beautiful design created by our own designer. Inspired by knot, our designer visualizes the troubled mind of a young man by using interlocking squares. All sorts of feelings welling up inside him. So when you see this pattern, it is very interesting and much different from other designs. […]

GRIGIO TOSCANA (Rain Clouds Marble)

Quarried in Italy alongside the eternal classic, Bardiglio, GRIGIO TOSCANA is a beautiful new marble in Artistic Tile’s library. With distinctive, irregular veining, GRIGIO TOSCANA combines pleasing shades of white, grey and blue in exquisite swirls that will bring energy to any space. It’s also called rain cloud marble, a romantic lover. It not only […]

The World Waterjet Art Mosaic

This design is made of Paper Oynx and Rainbow Glass 501 and 802. Because of the round curve, it needs to be cut with our exquisite and environmentally friendly waterjet technology. The rainbow glass is interlocked and closely connected, symbolizing the infinite universe connected to each other. The entire layout of this design is very clean. […]

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