Lantsang Wave Waterjet Mosaic

What do you think when first seeing this design? Do you remember the waves? Yes, this design is inspired by the waves in Lantsang River. The waves break on the shore with the most natural rhythm. A quiet mind lurks in the rapids. The tide coming in and out demonstrates the beauty of nature. So […]

Reverie in Troy Art Mosaic

Greeting, dear friends. We have spent a wonderful Spring Festival Holiday. And We have resumed our work from the new year holiday. Today I’d love to share our latest design with you. It was named by Reverie in Troy. Fascinating Olympian gods and legend of love and hatred. Homer Epic records vast history while ancient […]

Wood Light Grain Basketweave Mosaic

Wood Light Grain is perfect for any bathroom, and this Basketweave with the Athens Gray dot is a mosaic that has been designed with shower and bathroom floors in mind. This incredible looking tile has exploded in popularity and used throughout many premium hotels. Prices from Century Mosaic allows almost anyone to recreate a five star bathroom with this […]


Maintaining travertine is paradoxically both complicated and simple. Like other natural stone, travertine has microscopic pores that can allow spilled liquids and staining agents to penetrate. This problem can be prevented by applying a penetrating sealer, followed by a barrier surface sealer. This dual treatment needs to be applied during installation, then periodically reapplied throughout […]

Statuary White 48mm Hexagonal Mosaic

Here is Statuary White 48mm hexagonal mosaic, Statuary White is originated from Ya’an City, Sichuan Province, China, which is a world-renowned material. The texture of its products is elegant and luxurious, and the whole body is moisturized, and is very popular among European and American market. Statuary White is a kind of material with gray or […]

Thassos White and Bianco Carrara Mosaic

Century Mosaic Team has back from CNY HOLIDAY. Today we are glad to introduce a regular mosaic pattern which mixed Thassos White and Carrara White to you. This pattern mixes many regular mosaic characteristic, the small chips are strips, and the little part is like chevron mosaics, and it is also can be looked as square […]

Belize Ring Mosaic

This design combines two different sort of white marbles, Bianco Carrara and Paper Onyx. The light part is Paper Onyx while the dark part is Bianco Carrara. These two colors perfectly match the tail color of the animal raccoon. As for the crafts of this design, we process the finish of these two materials with […]

Dancing Flower and Butterfly Mosaic

Today I wanna share with you this very beautiful medallion. We call it Dancing Flower and Butterfly. Flowers tossing and swaying, the scent permeates the air. The butterfly flies over the sea for this visual feast. It seems that she is having a romantic date with the flower. It presents us gorgeous works of art. […]

Oracle Bone Waterjet Mosaic

Greeting, dear friends. We have spent a wonderful Spring Festival Holiday. And We have resumed our work from the new year holiday. Today I’d love to share our latest design with you. It was named by Oracle Bone. The inspiration comes from the tortoise shells of the ancient times. Designer combines several different irregular shapes, and each shape […]


Travertine is an especially attractive form of limestone. Its fibrous, marble-like texture and attractive earth-tone colors make it one of the most popular stones used for building materials. Historically, much of the travertine used in architecture and artwork came from the mountains of Italy, but today, most of the travertine sold is from Turkey, Iran, […]

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