My Pink Stone Shower Room – Norway Rose Honed Rhombus Mosaic

My Pink Stone Shower Room – Norway Rose Honed Rhombus Mosaic

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Pink is a girl’s color. If for me, I will use pink stone to decorate my shower room. And the most suitable Stone is Norway Rose, which is originally from Norway in Europe. Pink background with few white and green colors, this stone is quite delicate to show its natural features.


This stone is very popular 20 years ago in the North American middle class. They used it to decorate their kitchen backsplash, bathroom, even living room both on the wall and floor, which made their home have a sense of royalty. Besides, because of its strong feature, it can be made from small mosaics in many different patterns, to tiles such as 3×6”, 4×12”, 12×12”, 12×24” and so on.


But for my shower room, I’d like to use a rhombus pattern, which can make a hexagon with three small chips. With honed surface on the floor, it is quite safe with anti-slip, also in a low water absorption. Regarding floor tile and mosaics, we can do waterproof sealing on the surface.


Also, they are easy to clean and maintain for daily work. The most important is that you just feel like taking a shower in a pink palace with pink stone. This might be something that every girl dreams of. So if you want to decorate your home, I strongly recommend using Norway rose honed rhombus mosaic.




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