2017 New Glass– Crystal Glass Mosaic Tile

Product Details
  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Chip Size: 25x25mm
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Joint: 2mm
Hot Color  One
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15035
  • Color: Super White

Hot  Color Two
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15041
  • Color: GB09

Hot Color Three
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15047
  • Color: 545 C

Hot Color Four
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15071
  • Color: 2717C


Hot Color Five
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S17011
  • Color: Country Cotage

Hot Color Six
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15083
  • Color: 406C


Hot Color Seven
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15053
  • Color: 7528C

Hot Color Eight
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15065
  • Color: 1565C

Hot Color Nine
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15059
  • Color: 1955C


Hot Color Ten
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15077
  • Color: 7499C


Hot Color Eleven
  • SKU: CTR-GM-S15089
  • Color: 2090C

Available Color
The color can be customized according to clients’ requirements.





  • Available Finish : Polished/Honed
  • Application
    Residential: All interior surfaces, including bathroom walls, shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, exterior patios and walls.
    Commercial: Interior and exterior walls .
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    We can offer all kinds of high quality and cost-effective square glass mosaic tiles
    Our designers not only launch one hundred new designs per year but also design any styles according to customers’ requirements.
    Our products mainly sell to Europe, North America, Australia, Canada, Russia, Britain and other region markets.
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