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  • “my life has been like a competition between the mind and the body, which has been won by the body.”-Simon beck inspired by the koch snowlake, a mathematical curve and one of the earlist fractal curves, Lillian turns her ideas into the mesmerizing geometrical pattern to illustrate the cold beauty of mathematics. There’s nothing more perfect than embracing romantic snowflakes in your house. This is also why we create the koch snowlake Art Waterjet Mosaic.
  • Seamless design. It requires a very strict and precise cutting process to achieve such a paving effect.


Design Inspiration


Colorway One

  • SKU : CTR-DS-687A
  • Material : Bianco Carrara & Latin Gray & Antique Mirror
  • Sheet Size : 12″x12″
  • Thickness : 10mm


Colorway Two

  • SKU : CTR-DS-687B
  • Material : Himalaya White & Wood Light Grain
  • Sheet Size : 12″x12″
  • Thickness : 10mm


Colorway Three

  • SKU : CTR-DS-687D
  • Material : Bianco Diamante White & Rain Clouds & Tethys Gold
  • Sheet Size : 12″x12″
  • Thickness : 10mm

Colorway Four

  • SKU : CTR-DS-687E
  • Material : Bianco Carrara & Stainless Steel & Mirror Surface
  • Sheet Size : 12″x12″
  • Thickness : 10mm

  • Available Finish : Polished/Honed
  • Application
    Residential: All interior surfaces, including bathroom walls / floors, shower walls/floors, kitchen backsplashes, general flooring and exterior patios and walls.
    Commercial: Interior and exterior walls and interior flooring.

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