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  • As an ancient Chinese scholar who was up there with the greatest Chinese sage Confucius of his times about 2200 years ago, Mozi is widely believed to be the one that discovered the pinhole imaging principle and first proposed “light travels in straight lines”, laying the foundation for optical communications and quantum communications. China launched the world’s first quantum satellite on August 16, 2016, making us feel proud that we could make contributions to the advancement of global communication technologies. Just as technology makes the world better, we hope our Mozi Art Waterjet Mosaic, sharing the same name with the world’s first quantum satellite, would make your residence a better place to live in.
  • Seamless design. It requires a very strict and precise cutting process to achieve such a paving effect.


Design Inspiration


Colorway One

  • SKU: CTR-DS-672E
  • Material: Statuary White & Wood Look Ceramic
  • Sheet Size: 12″x12″
  • Thickness: 8mm


  • Available Finish: Polished/Honed
  • Application
    Residential: All interior surfaces, including bathroom walls / floors, shower walls/floors, kitchen backsplashes, general flooring and exterior patios and walls.Commercial: Interior and exterior walls and interior flooring.

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